April in Enniskillen

Pardon the radio silence over the past month, but I am currently living and working in an area devoid of phone signal and internet capabilities.  Not that this is a bad thing, it means that my fishing and table tennis skills are improving steadily, but it means that I am falling behind in blog updates and current affairs (I will have recommit to buying newspapers).  Although I have been photographing daily for work (and pleasure) there are not too many that I can release, but I will make an effort to post more often.  I'll be in Enniskillen for another month so I should really bring my medium format cameras to the country and spend the evenings and weekends by the loughs.

The news in short: I am currently working on a period drama (oil lamps are better than candles, fact).  Offshore has been submitted to the Belfast Photo Festival.  I am very excited about my copy of Selgado's Genesis arriving (I wish I had a spare £2000 for the 'sumo' edition).

More coming soon, but here are a few images to keep this space ticking over.


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