Photographers at work.

Before I really start this post I would like to clarify that living and working in Enniskillen was fantastic.

Having said that, being trapped in a land devoid of phone signal and a decent internet connection has been crippling in terms of acquiring new information (thankfully the local shops do stock the daily papers), maintaining blogs or electronic correspondences, and any sort of "online presence" (ah, contemporary culture moves too fast for photographers trapped in the sticks).  This pastoral paradise, however, the opportunity to work alongside two very talented photographers: Campbell Mitchell and Neil Davidson.

Campbell and I were working as a standby prop team on the feature film Miss Julie (2014), and Neil was the unit photographer.  The culmination of our efforts can be seen below (photograph by Neil; retouched by Campbell).  Although it has been agreed that this could be our spin-off sassy-country hillbilly-chic album cover (should the world ever need to hear that) we are actually hard at work (trimming trees and fending off nature's barbs).

This is some of what has been going on over the past month or so.


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