So, as of the 1st of January this year I revived my old photo diary project.  I'm not placing an upper cap on how long this will run for.  Much like Jason Evans, Woody Campbell and probably hundreds of other photographers I'm taking it full time.  Even on the not-so-exciting days.

I'll mix in some of phone-photos, which make up the majority of my instagram, twitter tumblr and the host of other social media posts.
insta: petermarley_

But here are a few to start:

Week One (Jan 1st):

That'll get the ball rolling...



Feel Good Hits of Summer

So, I'm behind again in posting photos and uploading things to this blog. I'll cath up soon - I'm about to spend a month in the remote Eastern Fjords of Iceland, so there should be time in the evenings to blog and process months of photos that have been sitting, waiting.

Here are a few from the end of summer, 2015.
It was spent in Spain with the crew/family on "Game of Thrones".



The One Time I Went to See Dali in Spain.

I went to the Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum in Figures, Spain.  It was a great day spent away from the beautiful circus that can be a shooting crew working on location (we were in Girona at the time).  I abandoned my telephones (yes, plural; we have a Walter White styled "burner" local phone) and wandered without a sense of time and relied on broken Spanish and street signs.

More coming soon!