March: Then

When putting together the previous post on March 2013 I had a quick swim through my archive.  It was fun to revisit the previous projects that had grabbed me at this point in the year, over the years.  Here are a few images that jumped out at me.  If I get a moment I may set up the links to previous projects here or in the appropriate sections (failing that, just check out the archive on this blog or search for a keyword!).

March 2010


March 2011

March 2012



Mandy Crandell said...

These are all great! I love looking back on old images to see progress and interests.


Paradox-Pictures said...

Yeah, thanks for that Mandy! I think going back through contact sheets and folders is a good habit, it allows you to see images in a completely different light! I've been sitting on my Japan photos for five years now and they are about due for an investigation!