With the summer rushing past and the Master's starting promptly it was about time to flee Belfast. With Mark, Tommy and Michele I departed Belfast and travelled to Cork for no other reason than we could and that we hadn't been before. The driving was hell on Tommy but when we arrived it was worth it. Cork is like Dublin without any of the hassle, mess or stress. It has the same hospitable and cosy side streets with markets, cafes and pubs aplenty.

This is the first time all summer that I have been photographing all day for a period of days to document and explore. I forgot how much I missed it! A short trip allows you to marry the disciplines of travel photography with the nonchalance of documentary photography. The walls of Cork were bedecked in graffiti or unusual shades of paint, which made for excellent photo-opportunities. This was also a welcome break from the formal and composed portraits that I have been working on for the previous year so it was really enjoyable in many ways. So, with a few hundred photos taken in the city we moved on; however, not before visiting Father Ted's house, the Blarney Stone, the Very Dark Caves and possibly the best medieval fair ever.

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