Well, I have no excuses not to keep this updated now that I have a new laptop and ample amounts of free time. The summer should be a random set of months so stay tuned! :)

So far...

Re-shooting 'The Good Samaratin' in Lurgan with some fellow 3rd year Film students. There is nothing like a pastoral comedy in the blistering heat.

Head-shots for a friend, Vincent Tsang.

- Promotional photos for Sorrowfall [Belfast based metal . This was the probably one of the best random locations I have ever used. I will be making a trip back as soon as I have the free time.

- Head-shots for a friend, Denise O'Neill

A photo walk with Gerard [http://www.flickr.com/photos/so-says-gerard/] around the Titanic Quarter. Sun burn for all with massive amounts of nerding-up to balance it out.

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