On Twitter!

I have finally added Twitter to my social networking toolbox. It made sense, and I had only been putting it off for years... (._. )

Well, I am on there now! @PeterMarley_

[Me, on the set of Boys From County Hell, recoding some EPK footage - Feb 2012]

In other news I have discovered a time capsule of photos from Japan that I was urged to sit on back in 2008. Thank you Twy! Looking at the 1000+ images now much more than I ever would have back then. Although I did post a few of the photos up here when I go back there were so many I glossed over. So this felt like returning to a box of contact sheets!

As a result I might make a short film/slideshow containing the images and the (unseen) videos from the 2008 trip to Japan.

More soon!


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