2012 so far...

Forget the Year of the Dragon, this has been the year of short films! So far I have worked on four. I shot Lady Grey (and founded FalseAlarm Media as a result); I worked as standby props in Ryan and Andy Toehill's most recent film, Eyeline; and, as you may have noticed from the barrage of recent posts, I have been taking stills on Boys From County Hell and Pennyinch.

[Crew photo from Eyeline, photo credit: Alasdair McBroom]

That's the film side of things. Back to photography. I have submitted '100Portraits in 100Days' to a few local galleries in an attempt to exhibit the work. Fingers crossed. I am also working on creating a project that focuses on Phytophthora ramorum, the 'rapid tree fungus' that is dramatically changing the landscapes of the U.K.

Naturally, I have been photographing throughout the first two months of the year. The final total of digital photographs taken last year was just over 10,000, which is not bad. I do blame working on Game of Thrones for almost six months for this, but working in the Props department in film is something I wish to continue with. And I was still taking photos, I just can't show most of them anywhere. However, I can show my handmade flail made from a Monkey Fist with splice handle (the life of props provides an unusual skill set):

However, this year has been fun so far and I aim to make the most of it. I turned 24 last month. I made a promise to make one self portrait every month throughout the year so I could track any changes that 'making the most of it' would have, the results are included below.

[Occupy Belfast Camp, Writer's Square Belfast, Jan 2012]

[Brussels, Belgium, Jan 2012]

[Road Sign, Ghent, Brussels, Jan 2012]

[Self portrait with black-eye, Jan 2012]

[P.ramorum affected area in Glenariffe Forest Park, Jan 2012]

[Hannah & I reflected, Soho, London, Feb 2012]

[Glare, London, Feb 2012]

[Self portrait against an elephant wall hanging, Feb 2012]

[Photo tabletop created using old analogue prints and contact sheets, Feb 2012]


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