(P. ramorum) III

Here we are again, back on the trail of Phytophora ramorum. I have been burying my head in websites and sifting through the available information to formulate a proposal for my next project. Thus far I have discussed this project with other photographers and visual artists and their excitement and feedback has encouraged me to follow this through (thanks Sylvia!).

The most concise information guide can be viewed here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8352779/p-ramorum-disease.pdf

(Photo from www.forestry.gov.uk, demonstrating Phytophthora ramorum affecting Japanese larch trees)

So, an update: I have contacted the Forestry Commission and instigated the dialogue to learn more. I have made a list of the areas affected in Northern Ireland, I mean to start locally with my photography and document these woodlands first. There are in the excess of ten sites recorded at the end of last year, including Ballyboley, Bohill, Capanagh, Glenarm, Glenariffe, Tardree, and Woodburn. There are also many cases on private estates around the Antrim Plateau.

More soon!


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