Ongoing projects, and other things.

Things are trundling along: the 100 Portraits project is almost a month old; the Street Photography Now challenge is half over; and I am still holding out for information on what my next step in life will be [off to Japan as a JET, further study or Irish island life on Rathlin].

Day 25 of 100: Betty, and her dog Bambi. Betty was a lovely and obliging subject to photograph. Her hands were dry, and her nails were long. She has lived in Belfast all her life, and walks the Lisburn road daily. Her dog, Bambi, had been abused as a pup and is now wary of men.

Week 27 of the SPN challenge:

"Bend the rules and play tricks with the mind; make documents of moments that have never existed." - Peter Funch

Again, I was not a huge fan of the week's challenge. However, I do enjoy weaving worlds together with reflections so it wasn't all bad. It allowed me to set up this scene in which the mannequin was voyeurising a couple. It was his 'gaze', which seems so severe, that forced me to frame it as such.

Outside of my photography I continue to keep busy. For example, Ireland will soon have it's first camera obscura and I am functioning as the online media facilitator, by maintaining the blog and digital archive. Construction is due to start soon, and that will mean plenty more updates. Until then I will be creating and uploading information sheets on the Camera Obscura, borders, surveillance, optics and more.

Also, I had to submit a portrait and bio for the website of Mute. For more information on the film, as well as my very stern Director of Photography portrait, please see the Mute film website.


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