Go somewhere you haven't

Another week, another challenge...

In response to the 28th week of the Street Photography Challenge, set by Paul Russell, I ventured in new directions throughout Belfast. The brief stated: "Go somewhere you haven't been before - a dog show, a polo match, a monster truck rally - and remember, the interesting things often happen at the fringes away from the main 'action'". Initially I look this more literally, like a few others undertaking the challenge, and deviated from my regular walking routes to find fresh scenes. Russell, posting later on Flickr, clarified that it was the events or occasions that should be attended - not just anywhere new.

My entry for this week was found at a fashion fair. I found a man who had had his fill with the event and was seeking refuge on a bench. When researching what to photograph this week I found that Belfast's next dog show is not on until the 28th, which I may go along to with this brief in mind. I'm sure it will be full of characters, some of whom I could coerce into taking part in the '100 Portraits' project.

Whilst exploring the city, before the brief was expanded, I did find some fantastic sights. I think I will return to those areas with the intention of looking for moments, in true Paul Graham style. The atmosphere is never different when you leave the well worn paths, and venture closer to Black Mountain where graffiti becomes very mixed [see above] and murals appear at every turn. From this walk through less populated areas I was able to find a fantastic subject to include in my 100 Portraits project - Sister Marie.


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Sister Marie is a ledge