"Seeing and Being"... in Cavan

Cavan, what a magical place. In the end only three of us ventured through 'orchard country' and beyond, but three was an ample amount for the Belfast contingent.

We departed Belfast at 9am to attend an artist talk with Michael Fortune, check his
for a look at his work. Working with community groups, his family, animals, schools and producing books, DVDs, as well as online archives for each project Michael sets a great standard for working practice.

After spending our lunch soaking up the sites of Cavan town (namely the Old Abby Ruins) we were taken a few miles outside of Cavan town to the Bluewall Gallery. I don't think there are many galleries that can boast being lakeside, or situated in a geo-park but those are just extra reasons to visit the space. Information on the gallery and exhibition can be found here!

Seeing and Being in the Landscape
Saturday 26th of February - Saturday 26th of March
Bluewall Gallery, Cavan

"Seeing and Being in the Landscape is an exhibition bringing together fourteen artists with a concern for the local environment, as well as the post industrial landscapes between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and how these can be visualised and defined. "


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