An hour can seem like a long time...

Week 22 of the Street Photography Now challenge:
"Pick a spot, stay there for an hour and see what unfolds" - Polly Braden

This was a tough challenge for all the wrong reasons. The problems were basic: firstly, finding a full hour to sit and soak up the world (when did life get so busy?); secondly, finding a space in Belfast where something could unfold; and lastly, maintaining some pretence of subterfuge or inconspicuousness... Oh, and a bag of patience! I may reattempt this when my weeks are less busy as I liked the challenges surrounding it, but would prefer to photograph in a new town or city where exploring recreation and work is exciting.

I attempted this twice during the week, once in the street when the sun was setting and again in the park. Botanic Gardens worked better for letting scenes of relaxation and interaction unfold, but I would have preferred to have gotten over to Ormeau Park, where there is more space and less familiar faces.



Mandy Crandell said...

This sounds like a challenge. I'm not sure I could sit for a full hour.

Paradox-Pictures said...

Yeah, being a moving photographer who enjoys the ebb and flow of daily life, sitting still is very hard!