Closer to home...

Although I have missed the deadlines for the past few weeks of the SPN photo challenge I have been keeping up with the challenges. The "Closer to Home" mission, set by Lars Tunbjork, was a tough one for me as I had just returned from my real home in the Antrim Glens to Belfast.

So, I missed photographing the frozen fields of home and had to consider what else to do now since I was stuck in the city. My current house in Belfast is also technically my 'home', so a deadpan view from the front door was quite appealing. I pass this scene everyday and it has come to be as homely as it is boring and mundane.

The other aspect of 'home' relates to my current workplace, Odeon cinema. I have spent the majority of my waking hours in the cinema over the past few months so, even by default, it has become a home from home.


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