Still Working

I am a little concerned with my project work being constantly being delayed by bureaucratic loopholes so I have been out photographing in the streets to keep myself active.

At long last I was able to make a portrait with Mark-san and his finally complete tattoo.

The incomplete version can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paradox-pictures/4182704644/

Also, I have been photographing the cast and crews for another QUB drama production, 'Crooked'. This was a beautiful shoot as the light was perfect for creating really dynamic catch-lights in the actors' eyes.

As I have been reading constantly about 'deadpan' photography over the past few weeks I have started to focus on how to incorporate that into my everyday practice as this is an aesthetic that I believe has fantastic grounds for recording the world. By negating extravagant compositions or inventive angles a subject or space is rendered accurately for examination and presentation.

The landscapes of Thomas Struth and Joel Sternfeld were racing through my mind as I took this image.

This next portrait is of a man called Thomas Blaney. He has not seen a photograph of himself in a long time.
The odd thing about this image is that I was looking at deadpan portraits form other photographers and stumbled across an image by British photojournalist Don Mc Cullin.

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