Today marked the photographic beginning of the post-human/cyborg project. With only a small window of time to photograph and limited access to the complex's facilities today was as restrictive as it was enjoyable. These constraints reminded me that so much of photography is out of the photographer's hands.

The overall approach whilst photographing is to normalise the processes of prosthesis by adopting highly neutralised, or deadpan, angles, compositions and colour tones.


Kelaa said...

You know, that company Ă–ssur (like you see on the last photo) is Icelandic company :D

Anonymous said...

Think the concept and idea is great. I think the best photographs are when you can see the "human" part of the limb in a close up manner. So photos 3,4,6 and 9 for me work amazingly in terms of normalising the processes. The tones are excellent, you've captured the blandness perfectly. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the rest!

twy said...

just to cover all angles: macro work some parts would be interesting, such as nails. the leather straps remind me of horse gear [not horsey don't know the right word there..saddlery?] like the tones and lighting.
take it another step and put people in the images. conjunction of limb and prosthesis.

Paradox-Pictures said...

Cheers everyone!

Twy, you are perfectly right. My next step is macro images of the limbs and technology as well as trying to include some portraits. Sadly, it is the portraits that are the most difficult to arrange. Thanks for the feedback - I hope you are well!