Lost Project 2014

Hah! So it finally happened, I lost a full photo project by not backing up my work frequently enough.  I was using my telephone to create a catalogue of lights and lamps that I seen or handled whilst working on Girls Night Out - a period film I was working on over the past six weeks.

Untitled, April 2014 (at work hanging wartime blinds)

The film was shot mostly in Hull and initially I didn't see much to photograph in the city (City of Culture 2017).  Our hotel in Hull was strange in terms of design and working away from home meant that I had plenty of time to focus on the oddities.  It was the ceiling lights in the lobby that struck me first, on my arrival actually; these perfectly arranged glowing rods reminded me of the final scene in Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall (1987) when Mars is about to be terraformed.

Lamp/Shades I, April 2014

And, before going to bed on that same night, I noticed that outside my hotel room a rounded glass and brass ceiling lamp had created a beautiful shadow pattern on the curved ceiling... and so began the project and my infatuation with some-kind-of Hull.  I continued this fixation throughout Hull and the private homes we visited on our journey south, and throughout the six weeks that the job lasted.

Lamp/Shades II, April 2014

Sadly all but the initial photos were lost when I forgot my phone on a train in London.  I've other photos taken from that time, which will appear in due time, but nothing relating to this specific train of thought or catalogue.

Oh well, another life lesson hard learned. Make backups; back up the backups; backups and backups...


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