Now on Tumblr.

I'm moving... kind of.

[Lunch Box, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2013]

I have been neglecting this space too much this year and coming to Croatia for work has only added to this.  Long hours on set and broken (or irritatingly slow) Internet connections make poor bedfellows.

Since I've not been making the time to post on this blog, I've been thinking of another way of keeping everyone clued in on what has been going on.  Keeping a Tumblr will help me remain sociable with my photography - the idea of making a longer post that incorporates text as well as images can be a little daunting, and time consuming.  But to simply share my images on a regular basis is what I'm aiming for with this new space.

So, I am now on Tumblr.  It will be an informal photo stream.  I will continue to use this space for larger posts and general updates.

Check it: petermarley.tumblr.com


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