November, at a furious pace (kind of).

November has started and I am back making new project work.  The additional driving force for this is that I am participating in a group show with Catalyst Arts in January.  This upcoming show will open a busier year for me, in terms of photography, as I have not been able to devote time this year to exhibiting new work.  On the plus side 2011 has allowed me to complete other projects, such as 100 Portraits in 100 Days, which is finally for sale.  So, I aim to hit the ground running in 2013.

[Hard cover edition of 100 Portraits in 100 Days]

After the hectic pace of the first half of the year I am taking the opportunity to reduce the tempo and refocus, whilst creating new work.  I have been watching more films by Ozu Yasujiro and it they have only helped confirm the need for mono no aware within contemporary art, and modern living.  His films amble along and include mundane social events, eating and drinking taking the centre stage.  After my involvement in the extravagance of fictional filmmaking earlier this year, this 'return to normal' will be a welcome change.

[Tokyo Story, Ozu Yasujiro, 1953]

The Japanese aesthetic of mono no aware (simply put, "the pathos of things" where life's transience is celebrated) has fascinated me for some time, and it has been influencing my photography and writing for some time, for example my photobook FLUX is essentially an urban haiku.  This will be an aesthetic I will continue exploring and writing on throughout the next few months, in relation to my project work, so expect plenty of posts detailing photography, filmmaking, anime, poetry, and creative writing.

(For more information on Ozu and his films please read this insightful article by Ian Buruma, writing for The Guardian.)

On a side note I have recently enjoyed photographing my family.  Helen van Meene's adolescent portrait photography, when I first saw it, made a huge impact on me.  Aside from the beautiful images she was creating, van Meene was documenting people and bodies undergoing metamorphosis, changing physically from children into adults and emotionally into fully fledged personalities.  On a recent trip up home I was able to spend time with a pair of my cousins who are currently enjoying their teenage years, I am now convinced it may be one of the best time to photograph anyone.

[Meghan in White on Purple; October 2012]

[Ronan in Purple on White; October 2012]


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