July. Not this year...

So, last July I was running a 24/7 photo challenge that end up as a strange set of documents that included two short film shoots, a break-up, moving house three times, an island trip, and some very important social events. This set of images can be found here.

Having just finished 100 consecutive days of portraits I am ready to retreat back into theory mode, and explore the realms of 'terminal identity' more so that I can tackle it via the lens. Also, I need to find a way of exhibiting the 100 Portraits in 100 Days project, and construct it into a book.

However, photography still continues. It continues in the galleries with Allan Sekula's show at Belfast Exposed. And it continues in my world too. Most recently I have been working on new landscapes in rural Ireland that investigate and document how changes in subsidy legislation are affecting farmers and their land. This is only a fledgeling idea, much like the changes in law, but I shall post images soon.


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