Busy, busy, busy...

Note: Never complain about being too busy, even if it does mean a decline in blog entries. Being busy with work is much better than having no work, especially if it is work you enjoy.

Fret not, I have been photographing and taking mental notes. Stockpiling information for later.

I have been off working as a few things on Whole Lotta Sole, the new film by Terry George featuring Brendan Fraser [namely a trainee assistant director and as part of the props department]. Working on night shoots means sleeping during the day - this threatened the 100 Portraits project but did not cripple it.

Working has meant missing a few critical things: one, training for my length of the Belfast Marathon team realy; and two, the premiere of MUTE, a 30-minute film I shot last year. I really wanted to join the cast and crew to see this projected in the QFT, but I will have to wait on another screening. For more information on MUTE visit the Sexy Raygun website, or read an interview hosted on Culture NI with the director and producer.


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