March/April... Film Update!

So, with March whisking the year away I think a small update is in order. Mostly so I have my affairs in order, but also because there is so much going on this month! With the Belfast Film Festival starting at the end of the month (more details found here!) I would like to flag up the two short films I was involved with. The screenings of YUKI and Hold Your Breath will be fantastic as they will be screened to a paying audience for the first time. Also, it will be a great chance for the cast and crew to see all of their hard work finally get out there.

The two films are as follows:

YUKI (dir. Jonathan Beer, 2010)
Screening: 9th April, QFT, 10am

For additional information on Yuki (including other film stills, production photographs, and reams of other exciting material) please visit the website: http://www.yukifilm.com/

Hold Your Breath (dir. Robin Smyth, 2010)
Screening: 9th April, QFT, 4-6pm

In fact, both films were produced via Lamb Films. Keep up to date with what they are up to on: http://www.facebook.com/lambfilms or http://www.twitter.com/lambfilms

See you there!

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