100 Portraits in 100 Days... Update

So, after two weeks, it is still on. Great stuff. Already there are some characters appearing, and I LOVE that fact.

Aside from the ongoing list of portraits that you can see in the tab entitled "100 Portraits in 100 Days" I think I will post some of the unused portraits here too. Not only will that flesh out some of the daily shoots, but naturally there will be some days when I photograph a good few people, and it would be unfortunate if they were permanently relocated into my ever-expanding archive. Considering that I do spend time talking to each person, especially the unknown strangers who take time to listen and participate, it would be nice if everyone gets a mention.

And so, I give you a few of the B-sides from the past week or so:

[From top left to bottom right: Dave, Debbie, Jennie, Michael]

Since the project started I have also located another bank of "100 Portraits" that is worth looking at in great detail. It was a showcase of 100 portraits from 100 photographers from Flakphoto.com, exhibited at FotoWeek DC during November 2010.




Kyle said...
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Kyle said...

This is a great project. I will admit when I started reading about it I thought "This is going to be another of those mundane projects that never gets completed" but the pictures have really impressed me so far. I love the image of the man walking his dog. Did you walk up to him and ask for it I wonder? An interesting addition to this project would be to summarise each photograph with a word that you feel best describes the meeting with the person before taking the photograph. That would be cool to see.

Keep it up and remember, if you ever feel like nobody is appreciating what you're doing, they may appreciate it years down the line. Just keep at it, it's wonderful.

Paradox-Pictures said...

Thanks Kyle! You are completely correct, one of the reasons that I really enjoy documentary portraiture is that it creates a time capsule of sorts. Years down the line, when photography/fashion/culture has shifted this will be a document of how things were in 2011.

I had considered using text with the images, even adding the person's name or something about the encounter. However, I decided that that this was going to be a purely visual project. That allows the photographs to speak for themselves.