Forgotten Roll from 2010

It has taken too long to get around to scanning this roll of film (Kodak 400vc), which was shot in 2010 over a period of months. The reasons behind the photos range from photo-adventure walks to recording the length of my 'dissertation' beard.



A Frank Exchange of Views said...

Hey you these are great fun.
why does film look so realistic compared to digital?
is it just me? there is a grain or texture that makes you feel like you were present when the image was taken.

Paradox-Pictures said...

Hey hey, thank you very much. Who is this by the way? Your profile says you are doing the MA in Film and Visual Studies at Queen's...
Yeah there are a good few reasons for the discernible difference. Digital images have no initial colour cast because they are produced via a sensor; whereas film, on the other hand, will have a colour/warmth (or feel) depending on the brand, the type or the available light.