December... Fail!

The last month of the year and things are going well, mostly. I reached my one year 'dreadiversay' on the 3rd [photo below] and have been working flat out, which is a good thing. The down side of working as much means that my time to photograph is being gobbled up by things that offer me money (thanks HBO!). As a result I missed my first week of the 'Street Photography Now' challenge, it was Week 9: "play photographic poker"... for week 9 info see here.

One Year Dreadiversary!

On the plus side I did help an old friend, Mark Robinson, out by recording myself singing some of my favourite lyrics for his interactive media project, 'A Networking Project'. I will post the full video up when I find it... It really turned out well, and luckily a few vocally talented individuals got involved.

Week 10 of the Street Photography Now challenge should be fine as it overlaps with a style of photography that enjoy, and can easily slot in on the way to work. Week 10: "Photograph like an assassin; Suddenly and silently." - Osamu Kanemura

More on this challenge soon. With Belfast firmly frozen over I hope to silently snap up some fantastic falls... :)


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awh bobbins!! you're so CUTE i just want to pinch your wittle cheeks!!