Again, I am behind in my posting so I will have to make a heavy post to catch up on the events. Well, there has been more photo madness in the past few weeks!

With the current Street Photography competition being hosted via the Photographer's Gallery in London it has given me just cause to take to the streets each week to fulfil the assignment. The system is simple: respond to the photographer's task (set by a different established artist each week) by adding your image to the corresponding Flickr group for that week's instruction. My entries thus far can be found here! Check the competition website and get involved too!

Here is an example of the format.
Instruction 1: "If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph" - Bruce Gilden

In the future I will try and place the photos and stories that I do not submit into the competition on this blog. The tasks are great for forcing you to look at the city in new and unusual ways so there are always going to be other images!

Halloween was come and gone already! Although I dressed as a homeless Santa [probably the most cost effective costume ever] there should not be too many photos of that floating around in cyberspace. On the plus side I was able to photograph two excellent costumes: Death, from Neil Gaiman's Sandman [Claire Mc Kervey]; and Tony Stark of Iron Man [Mark O'Neill].

Also, over the course of the last year, and maybe more in the past few months, I have found that I am drawn to [aka. stalk] old people whilst I am photographing. Maybe they have more stories and experiences that I want to hear. Maybe they show me what life can do to you. I am not sure what it means but I will continue to do so until it makes more sense...

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