Somebody [Part IV]

On what was my final trip to Musgrave's Limb Fitting Centre the focus of my photography was to document whatever I able to. Due to the nature of the centre it would have been impossible to expect complete access so I, once again, prepared my full photographic kit ensuring I was ready for whatever I was allowed to photograph.

Although I was shown a different set of rooms on this visit it helped to build a more complete picture of the clinic when I looked at my photographs from the previous shoot. Slowly but surely, I have explored this small world that so few ever come to know and documented the findings.

Physiotherapy Room

The most fantastic element about this trip was being able to photograph people! This had been my aim of the project since inception so to have willing participants was wonderful; also, it is crucial to have the human presence in this project otherwise the images become too clinical. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, my focus has been upon the fusion of the human body and technology so portraits are the best way to demonstrate and explore this symbiosis.


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