-To keep another record of my thoughts and photos throughout the MA in Film and Visual Studies I will have to keep this updated on a regular basis.

I have fallen in love with photogrpahing once again! In the past week I have been photographing plenty of macro material as well as my daily life in an attempt to source ideas for my next project. Looking at the word with the narrow scope of 'marvellous macro' forces you to notice more about life's minutia; such as, a delightful dent in a thumb nail or the swirly grain in a table. So, I have been photographing with new eyes: old subjects must be photographed in new ways and new subjects must be photographed in old ways.

Macro Material:

The following images were taken at a Sorrowfall gig in The Limelight and at a psytrance night in The Pavilion, Belfast, on the 13/2/10. This is the first time I have photographed bands or DJs in quite a while so it was a blast of nostalgia working with low-light, fleeting movements as well as being a bag of fun!

Sorrowfall - Sam
Sorrowfall - Chris
DJ Lemon

I have also been photographing a few plays and events to keep myself active and to help stockpile a few favours for later in the year. Production and promotional material for plays organised through QUB have provided a great opportunity to re-hone my ability to provide work on time as well as adapting to new locations, people and lighting setups.

The Donahue Sisters:


I have also been thinking of working with 3D as a mode of presentation. To help me find the correct method I have tried and tested a few:

The QTVR bubble, which allows the viewer to see or experience a landscape in 3D.

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