Project 366

Project 366

This project means that I MUST take one photo every day in 2008.

The work so far can be viewed at


As I am so far behind in posting this up I will just have a one of my favourite images for each month.

Jan: It came and went all too fast! This was the first month where the mind set of taking a photo had to be installed... I think it has stuck! It was a good month to start on as I had a trip to London and a small break in Budapest to document. I only hope that the other months are as fruitful. =]

Feb: The month to end other months! It was a month of parties and tom-foolery... I think we (my friends and I) had a party or two each week due to birthdays! I cant say that I went out of my way to get a 'good' photo for Valentine's Day or the 29th. I know they are special days but... I am a busy student! =]

March: Finally, the camera comes everywhere with me. Now all I have to do is get used to writing in this blog! I think that taking a photo everyday really forces you to 'see' the world. You are constantly looking for 'that' shot or weighing every scene up in terms of composition.

April: The planning had begun for the summer months! I will be venturing to Japan for 2 weeks in June so all funding will be thrust toward this. Aside from the planning this was the season for project work and essay deadlines at Uni- so there was plenty of stressing. However, it was also packed with fun things: Full Metal Racket [the largest all-day metal festival in Belfast], random trips [to friends houses and odd beaches] and... jump days [nothing like jumping to make you laugh so far that your spleen wants to 'splode!]

May: Finally I am up to date! The work just keeps pouring in... But, I am loving it. As my lecturer says, "Projects are outlined by deadlines and chaos." It turns out that I thrive on both deadlines and chaos... So, this is good for me. I have an exhibition coming up as part of the Queen's Centinery Year as well as having work shown in the QFT [Queen's Film Theatre]. Sadly I will miss the QFT exhibition but I will be in Japan so- its OK!

June: Spent finishing up university classes and prepping the Re-Collecting exhibition work. The last two weeks were spent in Japan- see the Discovering Japan post for the details.

See it all on flickr. I have gotten so far behind in this post that the day to day aspect of it all is better found on flickr. =]

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